50 Christmas Nail Art Designs and Trends 2016

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Snow Flake Christmas Nail Art Designs

Holidays with snow all around. Why don’t you paint some cute snowflakes on your nails this Christmas? Here are some Snow flake nail art ideas if you like snow and snow fall of December. Use blue, silver, white and gray nail coats for these snow nail designs. Paint your nails with basic nail coat and use silver glitter for making snow flake for perfect snow flake nail art.

Christmas inspired nail art ideas

Christmas nail designs 2015

DIY Snowflake nail art 2015

Holiday manicure ideas 2015


Latest Christmas nails 2015

Reindeer Holiday Nail Art Designs

Here are some reindeer nail designs for holidays. Kids and young girls will love to have this reindeer nail art on their little nails. I have added pictures of reindeer nail art with different styles of painted reindeer. You could only paint reindeer’s face or if you want something more stylish then paint whole reindeer with some darker nail coat on your nails. Here I have added pictures to let you know about different styles of reindeer nail designs. Reindeer nail art stamps are also widely available online and in markets as well.

Beautiful Christmas nail art designs 2015

Christmas nail art to do at home

Christmas nail art trends 2015

DIY Holiday reindeer nail art

DIY Reindeer nail art 2015

Latest Christmas nail art 2015

Reindeer nail designs 2015

Well this was all about Christmas nail art designs and trends 2015. Soon I will share step by step DIY Christmas Nail art tutorials in my next post. Keep visiting my blog for staying updated with latest nail art trends.


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