How to do DIY Chrome Nail Art without Using Gel Nail Polish

In today’s post I will talk about DIY Chrome Nail art and special nail powders that are very trendy these days. I’ll also share some easy methods of using these nail powders for having more pigmented nails. There are different powders available like chrome powder which gives metallic effect or also called mirror nail powder. The second one is holographic powder in which there are different pigments and we can change the shade of this powder by using different base colors. Third and the last one is mermaid powder which is less pigmented gives a silvery effect to nails. Chrome powder is used to get metallic effect on your nails using a regular nail polish. Basically for gel nail polish you’ll need a UV nail dryer lamp so if you don’t have it I am going to show you another method of using these fascinating powders to do DIY Chrome nail art. You can get chrome nails by using a topcoat that is easily available in the market. I would suggest black nail polish as a base coat because it gives the best effect and result. For that you’ll need:

1-Chrome powder

2-Any base coat

3-regular black nail polish

4-Water based topcoat

5-A brush to dust off remaining powder from skin

Start with clean bare nails. You can also use liquid latex to protect your cuticles and skin around your nails. It is optional but if you don’t have it then start simply and get started by applying base coat to protect your nails. Now pick your black base color nail paint and apply two coats of this nail polish so that it can absorb maximum powder and give you perfect finish. But the most important thing is to apply nail polish smoothly to avoid patches. After that apply your topcoat smoothly and let it dry completely until it’s dry to touch.

Now using your finger pick some of the powder and dab it onto your nails. You can also use that eye shadow applicator that is given with the powder but prefer to use your finger so you know how much pressure you are applying. And it also helps to avoid smudging the nail polish that is not yet set. Using the finger rub the powder slowly on your nail along with some pressure. Avoid doing it quickly so your powder will remain on your nail after doing this buff off the powder that is left on your nails. Keep doing this until the powder is absorbed by the base nail polish. Keep on going until you are happy with the effect.

By using full sized fluffy brush rub off the powder that is left on your skin. If the powder is left on your skin wash your hands with soap. After doing this you can leave your nails like this or you can also use a topcoat to make your nail polish long lasting and lock the powder in. This was all the method to do DIY Chrome nails at home without using UV lamp or gel nail polish. Hope you will find it helpful. Here I am also showing some DIY Chrome nail art for you.

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