Easy Easter Nail Art Designs 2015

Easter season is around the corner and many people are looking for Eater dresses, makeup etc. If you are looking for nail makeup ideas for Easter then I can help you. I am going to share some Easy Easter Nail Art Designs ideas 2015. I have collected easy and cute Easter nail designs which suits the theme of Easter. Different types of Easter designs with different themes and nail painting are displayed in the pictures which I have selected today for you. So why wait. Let’s see how you could make your hands and nails colorful by Easter nail designs.

Easter Egg Nail Art Designs

Easter egg decoration and Easter egg hunting is an important part of this occasion. To add some magic of Easter to your personality you could draw colorful Easter eggs on your nails. Draw simple dots on your nails to represent Easter eggs on your nails. If you are expert in doing nail paintings then you could draw different styles of Easter eggs. Paint some decorated Easter eggs on your long nails or you could also draw broken egg with chick on your nails. Here are some Easter egg nail designs which you could try to make at home to celebrate Easter in chic way.

Easter egg nail art 2015 Egg nail art ideas for Easter

Easter egg nail art designs 2015

DIY Easter egg nail designs

Easter Bunny Nail Designs

Easter bunny is also a nice choice if you want to make up your hands and nails with Easter theme. Different styles of bunny are also suggested by nail art designers. You could paint real bunny or cartoon Easter bunny on your nails. In first picture you can see step by step tutorial to make Easter bunny nail art on your nails. You could use this Easter bunny tutorial for painting your nails with Easter bunny theme in other colors as well.

Easter bunny nail art tutorials

Paint Easter bunny on one nail and eggs on other for cuter look or you could also paint your nails with carrots and bunny together. Here are different styles of Easter bunny nail art which can give you ideas for selection of Easter theme nail art designs.

Easter bunny nail art 2015

DIY Easter bunny nail art 2015

Cute Easter nail art designs 2015

Carrot Theme Easter Nail Art 

How you could make Easter bunny without carrots? So for your Easter bunny I have some delicious carrots. Paint your nail with Easter bunny and juicy red carrots. Here are some pictures of Easter nail art designs with carrot theme. You could also try these carrot nail patterns if you are finding difficulty in making Easter egg or bunny nail designs. See the pictures to get ideas about carrot theme nail art.

Easy Easter nail art designs

Easter Nail art ideas 2015

Easter carrot nail art ideas

Carrot theme Easter nail art designs


Well these were some cute and easy Easter nail art designs 2015. Hope you will like these Easter theme nail designs. I will soon come up with more Easter nail designs till then take care..!

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