Latest Fake Nails Designs Ideas for Girls

Having long, healthy and beautiful nails is the dream of every female. But it’s very difficult to take care of long nails. Thanks to technology because you can get long and beautiful nails of different types. Here in my today’s post I am going to show you some cute and latest fake nails designs. Three types of fake nails are used i.e Acrylic nails, Gel nails or UV nails and silk wraps. All these types are used but they have different pros and cons. Acrylic and gel nails are more popular as compare to silk wraps. But if we compare gel and acrylic nails then acrylic nails are good because they cost less. But gel nails provide more natural and cute finish but they are bit expensive.

Latest Acrylic Nails Designs

Here I have added some stylish, chic and unique nail designs pictures which could help you in doing up to date nail art. So pick up your acrylic nail art kit for doing beautiful and stylish acrylic nail art. You could find casual artificial nails designs, wedding nail designs and fake party nail art ideas from these images. Here are some awesome artificial acrylic nail designs pictures to surprise you.

Artificial acrylic nails designs

Black and white acrylic nail art

Black and white nail art for fake nails

DIY Acrylic nail designs 2015

DIY Acrylic nails tutorials

Fake bridal nails designs

Fake french manicure designs

Fake nails designs with beads

Glitter fake nails designs

Long acrylic fake nail designs

Matte acrylic nail designs

Simple acrylic nail art ideas

Striped acrylic nail art designs

Summer acrylic nail designs


Cute Gel Nail Designs Ideas

Here are some ideas for doing cute and professional style nail art. If you could afford fake gel nails then prefer them over acrylic ones. Here are some cute French gel nails, summer gel nail designs, spring gel nail art etc to help you. Must try these latest fake nail designs and keep visiting my blog for more stylish and upcoming nail art trends.

Fake black and white gel nails

Fake french nail designs

Fake nails designs 2015

Fake nails designs for tan skin

French gel manicure designs 2015

Latest artificial nails designs

UV fake nails designs

UV Gel fake nail art designs

Summer fake nails designs

Artificial gel nail designs

Beautiful fake nails designs


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