Latest 2015 Nail Trends and Fashion

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Are you a chic and trendy girl who always follows latest fashions? If yes then you can find updates on latest 2015 nail trends and fashion for spring and summers. You will find latest nail fashion ideas which you can follow to get chic trendy look this spring and summer. I have added different types of nail art designs which will remain in trend during year 2015. These nail art designs are made by most famous nail art designers of the world and pictures I have added are taken from New York Fashion week. You could make these nail designs with little amendments and colors of your choice according to the color of your choice. I will discuss different types of 2015 nail trends one by one which will let you know that which is in and which is out during 2015.

Manicure Trends 2015

Manicures always remain hot in nail fashion world. But I will let you know that which nail manicures remain in during this year. Manicures are made for casual and formal hangouts. Here are some upcoming manicure trends for 2015.

Classic French manicures always remain in trend. During year 2015 French manicure with different alterations will be followed. If you want chic nails this year then go for simple French manicure, Reverse French Manicure, Manicure with double lines (Double French Manicures), Watercolor manicure etc. Use nude colors for doing manicures. Pink, peach, beige, etc will remain popular. Here are some pictures which will help you in choosing the right manicure fashion trend 2015.

2015 nail fashion

French manicure designs 2015

latest 2015 nail trends

manicure trends 2015

Party manicure trends 2015

Spring nail trends 2015


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