DIY 3d Nail Art Designs 2015 for Girls

Every girl wants to adopt all the upcoming fashion trends. Sometimes our budget restricts us from adopting latest fashions and trends. If we talk about nail fashion then nail saloons are facilitating people in making cute and latest nail designs. 3d nail art is one of the latest trend in nail art world. You could get cute 3d nail design from any nail art saloon but if you cannot afford expanses of nail salon then you could make cute DIY 3d nail designs at home. 3d Nail designs could be made on acrylic or gel nails as well.

3d Nail art pictures


For making DIY 3d nails different types of materials are available in market for pasting and decorating nails. If you have decided to get 3d nails then just buy some 3d ornaments from market. Different types of ornaments and 3d decorations are available in market for decorating nails like metal bows, ceramic bows, metal or ceramic flowers, beads, rhinestones etc. Let’s talk about different types of 3d nail designs one by one with cute 3d nail designs pictures.

Metal 3d Nail art

3d Floral Nail Art

Different types of 3d flowers are available in market for nails. Paint your nails with base nail coat. Now paste ceramic or metal 3d flowers on the nails to make different patterns. Don’t use too much flowers for decorating nails. Just paste flowers on one or two nails as shown in the pictures I have added below.

3d Nail art 2015

Acrylic 3d nail art 2015

Floral 3d nail art designs 2015

Floral 3d nail art designs Gel 3d nail art ideas

Latest 3d nail art designs 2015


3d Nail Art Tutorials

Bow Nail Art Designs

Paste one or two metallic bows or ceramic bows on the painted nails along with some rhinestones. Here are pictures to guide you.

3d bow nail art designs

3d bow nail art ideas

3d nail art ideas 2015

Best 3d nail art designs

Bow 3D nail art designs

Cute 3d nail art designs

DIY 3d nail art designs

Valentines day 3d nail art

3d Bridal Nail Art Designs

For bridal nail art everyone is preferring 3d nail designs these days. Paint your nails with white or silver nail coat and paste some silver metallic 3d ornaments, rhinestones etc on the nails as well. Here are some pictures of 3d bridal nail designs.

3D acrylic bridal nail designs

3d Bridal nail art ideas

Bridal 3d nail art

Bridal 3d nails 2015

Cute 3d bridal nail designs

French 3d nail art ideas

Beaded, Dotted Nail Designs

3d dots or 3d beads could also be used for decorating nails in a different and stylish way.

Beaded 3d nail art designs Dotted 3d nail art ideas 2015

3d Nail Designs for Short Nail

Many people think that they can’t get 3d nail designs if they have short nails. But today I have bought some 3d nail designs for short nails which could be made at home without much effort. Here are some DIY 3d nail designs for short nails.

Bow short nail designs 3d

3d Nail art for short nails

3d Short nail designs

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