25 Cute Acrylic Nail Designs for Girls 2015

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Trends and fashions change and makeup artists always try to introduce new and latest ideas for making fashion accessible and affordable to everyone. Acrylic nails were also introduced in fashion industry for people who have short bitten nails. Acrylic extensions are easy to manage, reliable as well as they are cheaper as compare to expensive gel nails.

So just take out your acrylic nail art kit from makeup box or bought a new one to make cute acrylic nail designs for trendy look. I have collected 25 different types of acrylic nail designs which are easy to make at home with nail art brushes and tools.

Cute Floral Acrylic Nail Designs 2015

Floral nail designs look cute on all types of nails but floral nail art is best for acrylic nails because long acrylic nails provide you greater space for making cute floral designs. Floral nail designs are best for summer and spring. You could change the color scheme or color contrast of these nails designs according to color of your choice or your dress color. Here I have gathered some beautiful flower nail designs for acrylic nail art. Hope they will inspire you.

Beautiful acrylic nail designs 2015

Black acrylic nail designs for girls

Cute acrylic nail designs 2015

Floral acrylic nail patterns

Flower acrylic nail art designs

Red acrylic nail designs 2015


Summer acrylic nail designs 2015

Trendy floral acrylic nail designs


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