Easy Nail Art Designs Ideas 2015

Party makeup is incomplete without hand makeover. Main part of hand makeover is nail makeup which is getting more popular among girls day by day. Perfect and well done nail art give stylish and trendy look to your persona. So if you are crazy for fashion, especially nail fashion then you are at right place. You can find variety of Easy Nail Art Designs Ideas 2015 here in my post in all the different famous nail art styles. Different types of nail art and nail makeovers are done for casual and formal functions. At nailartpatterns.com you can find easy nail art ideas and designs to do at home.

You can find easy nail art designs tutorials which you can do at home with simple techniques.  These step by step tutorials with pictures can save your money because you can make nail art designs at home with ease instead of getting expensive nail art from salon. All the nail paint designs which I have added in my post are easy to make and pictures I have added can help you in understanding the basic tricks and techniques for making these stylish and modern nail designs. Before starting nail art at home you will need some important tools materials and accessories. Here are list of some important things and materials which are used in making easy nail art designs.

Floral easy nail art designs

Nail Art Tools and Accessories

Most important thing for doing nail art is nail paint or nail enamel. Different brands and types of nail paints are available these days in market. Some nail art patterns require matte nail polish, others require glossy one. So choosing the right one is important. You will need base coat, top coat and main nail paint colors.

Other tools and things which are used for making nail designs are nail art brushes of different sizes. You can buy nail art kits available in markets which contain different types of nail art brushes, dotters, strippers etc. To make your nail art more glamorous and attractive paste beads or add sparkle of glitter to these nail designs. I have also added step by step nail art tutorial images of some of nail art designs which can be made easily at home.

DIY easy nail art designs

Easy Nail Art Designs Ideas 2015

Here are some pictures of latest simple nail art designs which are popular these days. You can pick out nail art design of your choice according to color of your dress, bag and shoes. Nail designs for long nails as well as nail art for small nails is also shown in the pictures I have added in my post. So have a look at these chic, cute and cool easy nail art designs ideas to have them on your nails as soon as possible. Hope these nail designs will amaze everybody. Keep visiting to get updates on upcoming trends of nail art designs and manicure ideas. So get ready for making striped, dotted and sparkly nail art designs.


Easy nail art designs with beads

Easy striped nail art designs


Simple easy nail art designs


Easy nail art designs with tape


Easy nail art designs with glitter



Easy nail art designs tutorial


Easy nail art designs step by step


Easy nail art designs ideas


Cute easy nail art designs


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