Easy Nail Art Tutorial for Beginners

Are you a beginner in the World of nail art fashion and looking for some easy nail designs to make at home? If yes then you could find some Easy Nail Art Tutorial with steps for beginners. I have added number of easy nail art designs step by step which can guide you for making different styles of nail art at home without spending much time and money at Salon. All you require for making these nail art designs are some nail art brushes, different types of nail colors and nail art tools. First of all I will share some French manicure tutorials with you.

French Manicure Tutorial

Every girl likes classic French manicure which is considered best for casual and formal events equally well. French manicure gives classic feminine look to nails and it’s not difficult to make as well. Here are two French manicure tutorials with steps. In first picture steps for making traditional French manicure is shown while in second picture funky French manicure tutorial is displayed.

Easy french manicure tutorial French manicure tutorial for beginners

Ombre Nail Art Tutorial

If you are looking for some trendy colorful nail art designs for summers and spring then Ombre nails are best. Just pick up two or three nail colors of your choice and create colorful nail art patterns on your nails by following the steps of the ombre nail art tutorial.

Easy Ombre Nail art tutorial Ombre nail art tutorial step by step

Ombre Nail art tutorial

Easy Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial

Water marble nail art looks very complicated at first look but it’s not as difficult as it looks at first sight. Here are instructions and steps for making water marble nails. All you need is nail paint of three or four colors, pot of water and nail polish remover. Steps for making water marble nails are shown below.

Easy water marble nail art tutorial Water marble nail art step by step

Animal print Nail Art for Beginners

Animal print nail art designs are also in vogue these days. Teenage girls take interest in making animal print nail designs on their nails. Leopard print nail designs, Zebra print nails and tiger prints are made on the nails with nail are brushes which look different and cute as well. If you want to make animal print nail art on your nails then see the animal print nail art tutorials and follow the steps to get chic animal print nail art on your nails.

Leopard print nail tutorial 2015 Tiger nail art tutorial 2015 Zebra print nail art tutorial 2015 Anilmal print nail art tutorial

Well these were stylish and easy nail art tutorial step by step nail designs for beginners. Hope they will help you in getting perfect nail art at home. I will share more nail design tutorials in upcoming posts. Till than Take Care!




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