French Manicure Designs Ideas 2015

According to my point of view French manicure designs are most gorgeous and classic manicure designs and that’s why they never get out of trend. So that’s nail artists have introduced variety of variations of French manicure. They have made French manicure with little variations to create something classy and chic nail art. As French manicure designs are still in trend so I am also going to share some trendy French manicures which are made in modern style with some variations. I am sure every stylish gal will love these chic French manicures done in different styles. Also check my post on Reverse French Manicure for making half moon french manicures etc.

Floral French Nail Art Patterns

If you are making prom French nail art or you have decided to get French manicure on your wedding then you could make some cute patterns on basic French manicure. First of all get traditional French manicure and after that make floral patterns, snow flake patterns, feather patterns etc on one nail or all the nails. This type of French manicure is very popular these days. To spice up you could add one or two rhinestones as well. Here are some pictures of floral French nail designs.

Wedding French Manicure designs

Gel french manicure designs

French manicure ideas 2015

Floral french manicure designs

Acrylic french maniure designs

Black and White French Manicure

Black and white nail designs are very popular these days. So adding a crease of black in basic French manicure can do great things. So if you are getting French nails for night parties then these black and white manicures are best. Make one or two creases on the tips with black nail paint, or you can also try some other styles with black nail paint. Here are some images where black and white French nail patterns are shown. Hope you will love to have them on your nails.

Black and white french manicures

DIY french manicure designs 2015

French manicure designs for pointed nails

French manicure designs ideas

Colored French Manicure Ideas

Have some vibrant and colorful French manicure on your nails if you are bored of traditional French nails. French manicure done in other colors is also fine. Here are some colorful French nail art and these types of nail art are best for summers and spring. Colorful French manicures are more popular among teenagers these days.

Colored french manicure designs

Colored french manicure for teenagers

Colored french manicure ideas 2015

French manicure trends 2015

3D French Manicure Ideas

3D French manicures are quite common these days. 3D nail art is mostly done on the nails of brides these days. 3D nail art could be done by pasting some rhinestones, Bows, ceramic flowers etc on the nails. So add some 3d items on basic French manicure for different look.

3D French manicure designs

Acrylic french manicure designs

Wedding 3d French manicure designs

Glitter French Manicure Designs

Here is another formal party manicure. Use some silver or colorful glitter in doing French manicure. Usually front crease is made on the tip of the nail with glitter in any color. Here I am going to share some pictures of French manicures where glitters are used for doing French nails.

French manicure with glitters

Glitter french manicure designs

This was all about trendy French manicure styles. Hope this post will help you in making your French manicure more stylish, different and beautiful. Keep visiting my website for more nail art designs and trends.


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