Easy French Nail Designs Pictures and Tutorials

French nail designs are most popular type of nail art which is famous all over the World. Every female could get ever classic French manicure regardless of her age. I am also going to share some French nail art ideas and pictures where traditional French manicure is transformed into something more cute and modern. You just have to do little alterations in classic French nails for making your manicure look different and more appealing.

I have ideas for transforming classic French nails into modern and cuter nail art by changing and adding colors in traditional French manicure. Add colors, glitters, rhinestones, stamps and stickers on simple French manicured nails to have something unique and cuter. Let’s see the pictures which will guide you to make your French nails more striking and beautiful.

French Nail Designs for Short Nails

Its fact that French manicure looks best on long or medium sized nails. But you could get beautiful French manicure even if you have short nails by making simple French manicure little different. Here I have some French manicure ideas for very small nails which you could try at home without spending lot of money at nail salons.

Add some glitter strips or dots on manicured nails for different look. You could also add rhinestones, 3d brooches or nail art stamp prints for decorating simple French nails. See the pictures of these French nails for short nails to make them at home.

Stamping french manicure for short nails

French nail designs for short nails

Hello kitty French nail designs

Short French nail art ideas

Short french nail designs 2015

French Manicure designs for short nails

Floral french nail designs for short nails

Colorful french nail art for real nails

Black and White French Manicure Ideas

Here I have added some ideas for making French manicure with black and white color. Try out double striped manicure with black and white nail coat. Paste metallic tape strips on simple nails as well to make your black and white nail designs look stunning.

Acrylic French Nail Designs Ideas

Black and White French tip nail designs

Double French Tip Nail Art Ideas

French Gel Nail Designs Pictures

Pointed French Nail Designs Pictures

Square French Nail Designs Ideas

Bow French Nail Art Ideas

Stamp or paint bow on the tip of French nails if you are a teenage girl. 3d bow brooch or bow stickers could also be used for making bow on the French manicure. Here are bow nail art pictures for you.

Bow French Manicure Ideas 2015

Bow French Nail Designs for Long Nails

French Nail Designs for Girls

Floral French Manicure Designs

Stamp or paint some floral patterns and designs on simple French manicure to make your summer or spring more refreshing and beautiful.

Colorful French Nail Designs for long nails

Floral French Nail Designs 2015

Latest Acrylic French Nail Designs

Wedding French Nail Designs Ideas

Pink Manicure Designs

As pink is the most favorite color of almost all the girls. Here are some French nail art ideas made with hues of pick nail coat. Make pink French nail art using contrasting colors like white or black. I have added French manicure design pictures in pink color which are made with glitters, rhinestones, and striping technique.

French nail designs for pointed nails

French Nail Designs for Teenage girls

Latest French nail designs 2015

Zebra French Nail designs and Manicure ideas

Well this was all about French nail art ideas made with different printing, painting, striping and stamping techniques. Stay updated on latest nail art trends by visiting my blog. See you soon with something new and beautiful.



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