Easy Nail Art designs for Short Nails

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If you are a house wife and cant manage long nails or If you are a busy working lady and unable to care for long nails, my this post will surely attract you. I am going to share some Easy Nail Art Designs for Short Nails. Most of the people think that nail art can only be done on long nails. But I think ths concept is not true. You could give pretty look to your hands with short nails as well. If properly done nail art on short nail also look quite pretty. I have selected number of nail art photos in which nail art designs for short nails are displayed. Some people cannot maintain long nails due to nail growth problems. Tearing of nails is also very common but no worries. These nail art designs will suit all of ypou people who are facing problems in growing and caring of long nails.

Dotted Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

First of all I will share the most easy nail art ideas for short nails. Use dotters from your nail art kit for making dotted nail art on your nails. Try out different patterns and contrasts. You can choose colors according to your dress color as well. If you don’t have nail art kit at home then you can use thin paint brushes, or thin makeup brushes as well for making dots. But always use brushes with thin ends. Bandage with holes can also be used for making dots with nail polish. Just apply base coat and after drying paste bandage with holes on the nail. Then apply another nail coat on bandage and remove it after drying. See the different styles of dotted nail art designs for short nails shown below to get ideas.

Teenage girls nail art for short nails


Nail art for small nails


Dotted nail art for short nails


3D nail art for short nails

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