Latest Nail Design Ideas and Techniques 2016

If you are looking for latest nail art trends and techniques then my today’s post on Latest nail design ideas and techniques will surely help you. I am going to share some latest nail art ideas and trends of current year. You could pick up nail art type of your choice for trendy nails. First of all I will talk about most famous and all times favorite nail design technique i.e French manicure.

French Manicure Trends 2016

French manicure as always is the most favorite nail art design of all the fashion icons this year.  French manicure with little alterations could be done for casual hangouts as well as party nail makeup. Today’s nail art artists have changed traditional French manicure by painting French nails with colorful paints and metallic’s instead of classic white.

Similarly reverse French manicure or half moon manicure are also altered forms of French manicure. For parties you could give fancy look to simple French manicure by adding rhinestones, 3D accessories, stickers, glitters etc. Here I have added some pictures of latest French manicure design ideas 2016.

French manicure ideas 2016

french manicure trends 2016

french metallic nail art ideas



Holographic Nail Art

Holographic nail art is done with holographic nail paint. Holographic nail polish gives seven colors in day or bright light. Holographic nail polishes are available in variety of colors which give off rainbow shades in light. See the pictures below where nail art is done with Holographic nail polish for making Holographic nail art.

diy nail design ideas




Textured Nail Art Design Ideas

Here is one latest technique of nail art 2016. Texture nail art is done with different materials for making textures. Texture nail art is done with caviar balls, Glitters, and other materials available in market for giving look of different textures on the nails. See the pictures below to get ideas about textured nail designs.


nail art techniques 2016

nail design ideas 2016

textured nail design ideas 2016

Velvet Nail Art

Velvet nail art is a form of textured nail art. In velvet nail art small velvety material is used to cover nails for velvety effect. The material used for doing this nail art is called velveteen or flocking powder. Velveteen or flocking powder could be pasted on nails using nail art glue. Instead of covering whole nails with velveteen I recommend that use velveteen together with nail polish and rhinestones. See the pictures added below for reference.






Crackle Effect Nail Design Ideas

Crackle effect nail designs are also very popular these days. For giving crackle effect to nails special crackling nail polishes are available in market. You just have to give one coat of crackle effect nail polish to get crackle nails.





Well these were some latest nail paint ideas 2016 which are popular these days. Keep visiting my blog for getting updates on latest nail art trends and ideas.


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