Trendy Nail Designs 2015 and Nail Colors of the Year

In my previous post about 2015 nail art trends I have shared and discussed all types of nail art designs which will rock this year. Today I have decided to let you know about Trendy nail designs 2015 and about all the colors which you could pick to paint your nails for getting chic look. So fill up your nail art box and makeup kit with these nail color shades to get trendy looks for whole year. I will also share nail designs made with hot nail colors of 2015.

All the designs and nail colors which I am going to suggest are selected by top nail art artists and these nail colors and designs are also seen on the nails of top models during fashion week 2015 at New York. So have a look at these runway inspired nail colors and nail designs 2015.

Marsala Nail Color

If you are an up to date girl then you must know that Marsala is the color of the year 2015. So Marsala nail color will remain in trend during 2015. Other shades on Marsala will also rock. Marsala is a warm shade of wine color so wine shade will also remain in.  Marsala is a warm color so it’s best for autumn and fall.

So fill up your makeup wardrobe with Marsala, Wine color nail paint, Deep Berry and deep Burgundy nail colors.

2015 nail art designs Marsala Nail designs 2015 Nail art trends 2015 Ombre nail art 2015

Classic Red Nail Color:

Forever classic red nail color is not out of fashion this year. Best for evening parties during summer and spring. Use deep shades for fall. Choose cherry red shade for spring and summer 2015.

Red nail design trends 2015 Red Nail designs 2015

Gray Nail Color Trends 2015

Different shades o gray are also seen on the nails of different models back stage and on runway during New York Fashion week 2015. Slate Gray, Metallic gray, and rock gray are the rocking nail color shades of the year. You could get ideas from pictures added below.

Gray nail art designs 2015 Gray nail trends 2015

Orange Nail color Trends

Different shades of orange nail color will also remain in this year. Never ignore tangerine shades I you are choosing nail colors for this summer and spring. Chic shades of orange for summer and spring 2015 are Creamy coral, poppy orange, Citrus orange. You could also go for any other brighter shades of orange.

orange nail art 2015 Orange nail trends 2015

Green Nail Designs of the Year

Some shades of green are also going to take part in setting nail art fashion trends this year. During summers and spring sea green and fresh green shades will remain popular while during winter’s army green and sage green will remain in.

Green Nail art designs 2015 Green nail trends 2015


Nude Nail Enamel Shades

Nude nail enamel shades are chosen to give feminine look to hands and nails. Some runway inspired nude nail colors of the year are Beige, sheer pink, soft peach, Mauve, taupe. These nude nail coats with some rhinestones, decals or glitters look fabulous. Here are some pictures.

Nude nail art designs 2015 Nude nail art fashion ideas Nude nail polish ideas 2015


Blue Nail Polish Shades  

This year blue nail color will also swing. Different shades of blues are seen on the nails of some models during fashion week.  Cobalt, metallic blue and teal blue are the shades for spring and summer.

Blue nail color trends 2015 Chic blue nail trends 2015 Cobalt color nail art designs


Browns and Metallic Nail Designs 2015

Metallic browns like copper shades are best for evening parties with combination of other shades like matte black. Shimmer gold nail colors, sandy brown etc are also colors of the style. You could see all the nail designs shown in the pictures with those colors which will remain in during spring, summer and fall. I will come up again with more nail polish designs 2015. Till then Take Care!

Fall nail designs 2015 Fall nail trends 2015











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