Cute Nail Designs for Prom

Prom is the most memorable event of one’s life. Every girl wants to look perfect on her prom. Dress, hairstyle, and makeup everything is very important. Makeup is not considered complete without proper and cute nail designs. Today I have collected very cute and Easy Nail Designs for Prom. Some popular colors which are chosen for prom dresses are red, gold, blue, green, white etc. I am also going to share prom nail designs in these colors to match with your dress. First of all I am going to share most beautiful French nail designs for prom.

French Tip Nail Art Ideas

If you have selected white dress for prom then I have two suggestions for you. Try out cute French tip nails in traditional white color or go for nail art in red color. Here are some French tip nail designs which will look fabulous with white prom dress. Try out French tip nail art or reverse French manicure. On traditional French manicure add some more patterns and flowers for a cuter look. Here I have added some pictures for French tip nail designs.

French tip nail designs for prom

French tip prom nail art

Prom french manicure 2015

Red Prom Nail Art Designs

Makeup your nails with red nail art if you have white,black or red prom dress. Here I have added very cute nail designs in red color. Just pickup red nail design of your choice to get most cute nails and hands for memorable event. You could also add some rhinestones or glitters on simple red nails as shown in the pictures i have added.

DIY nail designs for prom

Prom nail designs for short nails

Red nail designs for prom

Red prom nail designs

Simple prom nail designs 2015

Simple prom nail ideas

Gold Prom Nail Art Ideas

Gold nail art look great with black, white, or gold dress. Here are some cute nail designs made with gold colored nail polish. If you don’t want to paint your nails with too much gold then just add a little sparkle by adding little touch of golden glitter or nail art. Just add a little gold stripe in any type of nail art to make it cuter. Here are some nail art images in which gold nail color is used.

Cute nail designs for prom

Easy nail designs for prom

Gold nail designs for prom

Gold prom nail designs

Royal Blue Nail Art Designs

Here are some more nail designs for prom. If you have blue dress then use royal blue nail enamel along with silver, gold or any other color. Add some glitters in simple royal blue nail art for making your simple nail art beautiful.

Blue prom nail designs

Cute prom nail designs

Royal blue nail designs for prom

Royal blue prom nail designs

Rhinestone Nail Art Ideas

If you are not very much expert in making nail art then just paste some rhinestones on your nails in a cute pattern for making your nails beautiful for prom.

Formal prom nail designs

Prom nail art with rhinestones

Well these were all different types of nail designs best for prom. Hope these nail designs will make your prom more memorable and beautiful. Don’t forget to give us your feedback which is very important for you. Keep visiting my site for more nail designs.


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