Cute Nail Designs for Short Nails 2015

I have shared some cute nail art designs for ladies who have short nails. Today I am again sharing some Easy nail designs for short nails. No matter you have real short nails or you feel easy with short fake nails these nail designs could be made on all types of nails. Try out these trendy and chic nail designs on short gel or acrylic nails. I have added latest and cute nail art designs for short nails with different themes like fruity nail designs, Hello kitty nail art, 3d Nail art etc. First of all I am going to share simple nail art designs for small nails.

Simple Nail Art Ideas for Short Nails

Here are some super easy nail designs which could be easily made at home without much nail art tools. These simple nail designs could be made with simple nail art brushes. Just make some bows, dots, and strips on nails with different nail colors to create some cute nail designs. See the pictures I have added below for latest and modern simple nail art.

Black nail designs for short nails

Easy nail art for short nails

Easy nail designs for short nails

Heart nail art ideas for short nails

Latest short nail designs 2015

Newspaper nail art for short nails

trendy short nail design ideas

Valentines day nail art for short nails

Striped Nail Art for Small Nails

Stripped nail art is not only popular these days but striped nail designs are easy to make as well. You could make striped nail designs with thin nail art brushes and tape is also used in making striped nail art. Add some glitters, rhinestones etc to sparkle your nails. Have a look at the nail designs I have added below to get ideas about different styles of striped nail art.

2015 short nail designs

Black and white short nail designs

Cute nail designs for short nails

Gel short nail designs 2015

Party nail art for short nails

Short nail designs with rhinestones

Striped nail art for small nails

Very small nail designs 2015

French Manicure for Short Nails

I think every girl loves classic French nails. Don’t hesitate to get French manicure if you have short nails. I have added some pictures below where stylish French manicure is done on small nails. So get stylish French nails even if you don’t have very long nails.

French manicure for short nails

French short nails designs

French short nails manicure

Short nails french manicure designs

Hello Kitty Short Nails

Hello kitty nail art is very popular these days among teenage girls. Try out painting hello kitty nail art on your short nails by looking at the images I have added below with hello kitty theme. Add some rhinestones or glitter if you want to add some glint.

Hello kitty nail art for short nails

Hello kitty nail designs for short nails

Summer Nail designs for Short Nails

Make some cool and colorful summer nail designs on your short nails with cool summer colors. I have also added some fruity summer spring nail designs in the pictures shown below which are easy to make on short nails. Use pink, teal, light blue and other fresh shades for making summer nail art on small nails.

Easy nail art for short nails

Floral nail art for short nails

Fruity summer short nail designs

Red nail designs for short nails

Spring nail art for short nails

Summer spring nail designs short nails

3D Nail Art for Short nails

Decorate your painted nails with some 3D flowers, rhinestones, 3D bows etc for trendy look. Use small sized 3D nail accessories for short nails. Here I have added pictures where 3d accessories are used for decorating short nails. These 3d nail art designs are best for party nails or bridal nails as well.

3d nail art designs

3d nail art for short nails

3d nail art for small nails



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