Cute Pedicure Nail Designs for spring 2015

Are you looking for some cute toe nail designs to give fresher look to your toe nails this spring and summer? If yes then check out these cute, stylish and easy pedicure nail designs which I have selected today for you.  All these pedicure patterns are made with fresh colors and they will give cool look to your feet. Painting some flowers or fruit patterns on toe nails can do great. I have added pedicure nail art pictures in those colors which will rock during 2015. So these nail designs are best to wear because these toe nail patterns can give trendy and cool look to your looks even during scorching summers. So check out different styles of pedicure designs to choose some cool toe nail designs for you.

Floral Pedicure Nail Designs for spring

Floral and fruity nail designs are considered best for spring season for nails and toes as well. Use vibrant colors like orange, red, yellow etc for making cute little flowers on your nails with pedicure nail art brushes. If you are not good at making nail paintings and nail flowers then you could also use nail decals for making floral spring pedicure nail art. Here are some trendy toe nail designs which you could make at home to give cuter look to your feet. See the pictures of pedicure nails to get ideas. Use nail art pens and brushes (15 pcs) for painting flowers on your toe nails.

Spring pedicure nail designs 2015

Spring toe nail art ideas

Pedicure nail designs for summer

Toe nail designs with flowers

2015 pedicure nail trends

Blue toe nail designs


Pedicure  Designs with Embellishments

Decorating toe nails with some embellishments like beads, rhinestones etc . Use Mash Rhinestone for best results. Paint your toe nails with simple nail coat and then decorate toe nails with some stones or embellishments. Here are some pictures for pedicure nail art with embellishments.

Trendy pedicure nail designs

pedicure nail designs 2015

2015 pedicure nail designs

Beaded toe nail art ideas

Striped Toe Nail Designs 2015

If you are looking for some easy and cute pedicure designs then making toe nails designs with strips of different styles id best. You could make cute striped pedicure nail designs for summer and spring by using tape and stripper brushes. I have added some pictures below with striped toe nail designs. Try out some of these striped nail designs to make your feet colorful.

Striped pedicure nail designs

Striped toe nail designs 2015

You could also try some French pedicure nail designs or Ombre nail designs to make up your nails and feet for casual and formal hangouts. Pictures of French pedicure designs and ombre pedicure are also added below.

French pedicure nail designs 2015

Ombre pedicure nail designs

Well these were some pedicure nail art designs which you could make them on your nails for making your nails and feet beautiful. Soon I will come up again with more pedicure designs for your feet.


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