Reverse French Manicure Designs 2015

Reverse French Manicure will rock during 2015. I have mentioned Reverse French manicure in my previous post on 2015 nail art trends. So I have decided to share some trendy French manicure designs which you could choose for summer or fall 2015. I am going to tell you about different types of French manicure designs and colors which are used mostly for doing reverse manicure. I have also added reverse French manicure tutorial step by step which can guide you to make perfect DIY French manicure at home without spending money at salons. First of all I am going to show you step by step tutorial for doing French Reverse manicure.

Runway reverse french manicure 2015

DIY French Manicure Tutorial

If you don’t have idea that how to get runway look nails then no worries. Here is step by step tutorial for doing DIY French manicure at home. Just follow the steps and get most modern and trendy manicure on your nails.

Half moon manicure tutorial step by step

Reverse french manicure tutorials 2015


Half Moon French Manicure Ideas

Half moon French manicure is popular manicure which can be seen on European runways on the nails of top models and actresses. If you want to get half moon French manicure on your nails then you could find different types of half moon French manicure here. You could see steps of making half moon French nail art in the pictures I have added above while other patterns of doing reverse manicure in half moon style are given below. Glitters and embellishments can also be used for doing half moon reverse manicure.

Black and wine colors are used for doing reverse manicure for fall but if you are going to get reverse half moon manicure during spring or summers then yellow and pink colors are best. See the pictures I have added below to get ideas about color combinations which are appropriate for doing reverse manicure.

Half moon reverse french manicure 2015 Half moon reverse french Half moon reverse manicure Prom reverse french manicure 2015 Red half moon reverse manicure 2015 Reverse french manicure 2015

Crescent French Manicure 2015

Second type of reverse manicure is crescent manicure. Instead of painting half moon on the base of nails paint reverse crescent shape to complete manicure. Crescent manicure is also very popular for giving model look to hands. If you want to make up your nails according to 2015 manicure trends then use matte black base coat and for making crescent use metallic’s like silver, gold or copper. If you are getting reverse manicure for night parties then use glitter for making crescent and use black matte base coat.

Apart from pink and yellow nudes with black also look chic during summers. Similarly teal nail coat could also be used for doing French manicure for summers. Here are some pictures of Crescent reverse  manicure which are best for getting trendy look during 2015.

Black and gold reverse french manicure Black reverse manicure designs Chic reverse french manicure 2015 Crescent reverse french manicure 2015 Matte reverse french manicure designs Reverse french manicure trends 2015 Trendy reverse french manicure 2015

Well this was all for today. Hope you will find these Reverse French Manicure tutorials and ideas useful. I will also share more trendy nail designs 2015 soon so keep visiting my blog to for getting nail fashion updates.




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