Easy Simple Nail Art Designs Ideas

If you are looking for some easy and simple nail art designs and ideas then you are at right place. I am going to share some easy nail art patterns which can be made easily at home with simple techniques, paints and nail art brushes. All the nail art designs which I have shared are simple and don’t require much practice and time. These simple nail art designs are best for you if you are a young girl and going to attend casual party. Let’s talk about simple nail designs with striped patterns.

Simple Striped Nail Art Designs

If you have nail paint of two or more contrasting colors then you can try out striped nail art patterns to give new look to your nails. Apply nail paint of any color on your nail according to the color of your dress, shoes or handbag. Now after drying of nail paint paste 2, 3 strips of tape on your nails in style of your choice. Apply nail coat of any other color and let it dry. Remove tape and amaze everybody with your colorful striped nails. Apply top coat if available to give better and shiny finish to your striped simple nail art designs.

Simple striped nail art designs


Modern and simple nail art


Simple black and white nail art


Simple nail art patterns


Cute nail art designs

Simple Nail Art with Lines

Lines of different styles and patterns on different base colors look awesome. If you want to make some quick and easy nail art for casual parties then these line nail art designs are best. These days line nail art designs in black and white combination and black and gold combination are in vogue. Select simple and quick nail art pattern from the pictures shown below according to the color of your outfit. To make your nail design more attractive and chic by pasting some stones and beads on nails with nail enamel. Glitter nail paints can also be used for making lines on simple matte nail polish.

Nail art with lines


Easy nail art designs

Simple Dotted Nail Art Designs

Here are some cool nail art patterns and designs which you can make in no time. Just make dots of different colors with thin nail paint brush on your nail to create something chic and stylish. Try out combination of lines and dots as well to create some stylish nail art patterns. Here I have added pictures of easy and quick dotted nail art designs.

Easy and simple nail art designs


modern nail art designs


Dotted nail art designs

Well these were all simple art designs for today. Soon I will come up with Step by step nail art designs to give ideas about some classic nail art designs which you can do at home without spending money in salon. Till then take care

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