Bridal Wedding Nail Art Designs Ideas 2015

Wedding is the most important and memorable event of everyone’s life. Every bride wants to make her wedding dress, shoes, makeup perfect. Nail art is also an important part of makeup. So I have decided to share some beautiful bridal wedding nail art designs which will help you for making your nails perfect for your wedding day. For white bridal gown white nail designs are preferred. Most of the nail designs which I am sharing are made with white nail polish. You can also choose nail art in other colors as well as nail art with combination o different colors. You can choose nail art color according to the color of your lipstick like peach, red etc. Now I will show you pictures of different types of bridal wedding nail art designs one by one. Choose bridal nail art designs of your choice according to the shape and length of your nails. Keep your bridal gown design in your mind a well before choosing nail art right for you.

Modern Bridal Nail Art

First of all I will share most cute and modern bridal nail art designs with you.  Its best to keep your nails long before wedding but if your nails are not long then you can use acrylic nails as well. These days modern bridal nail art of different types are popular. Use acrylic nails and get gel nail art or any other type of nail art from salon. To make your bridal nails look more fancy you could add some stones, decals, glitters etc. French bridal nail art is the most popular nail art of the year. So get long french nails with some more designing to have pretty looking nails and hands on your wedding.  Here are pictures for modern french manicure bridal nail art designs which will make your hands more pretty on your wedding day.

Modern wedding nail art for brides

Long bridal nail art ideas

French wedding nail art designs

Beautiful bridal nail art designs


Glitter Bridal Nail Art Designs

Adding glitter in wedding nail designs can spice up even a simple wedding nail art design. Using glitters in different colors can also make your nail art cuter. Using glitters in other colors like gold, silver, red etc can also do great. Here are some pictures of glitter bridal nail art which will help you in doing proper bridal nail art with glitters.



Silver wedding nail art designs

Glitter nail art for brides


Acrylic wedding nail art designs

3D Wedding Nail Art Designs

3D nail art designs are considered as most popular type of nail art which will remain in trend during 2015.You can do 3D nail art by applying number of things and accessories like 3d nail art stickers, 3D nail art flowers, 3d nail art bows etc. Just doing French bridal nails with some 3d nail art accessories can do great for your wedding day. Here are some cute 3d bridal nail art designs which will inspire you.

Cute wedding nail art 2015

3D wedding nail art ideas

3d Bridal wedding nails

3d bridal nail art for wedding

Lace Wedding Nail art Designs

Lace nail art is also preferred over other nail art types. Use lace used on your bridal gown on your nails to make up your nails with laces. You can also use acrylic nails and use them on your nails by pasting pieces of laces on nails. If you don’t want to paste laces on your nails then place a piece of net lace on nail and cover it with nail coat in white or any other color. After drying remove the lace and you will get a cute lace pattern on your nails.

Lace wedding nail art 2015

Lace nail art designs for wedding

Beaded Bridal Nail Art Ideas 2015

Beads are also used widely for making bridal nail art. These beads add sparkle to nail art and give pretty look to hand of a bride. Beads are used these days for making different patterns on long acrylic nails of bride. To give cuter look you can extend patterns made by beads to the fingers of the bride as well.

Pointed bridal nail  art 2015

Beaded wedding nail art designs


Pointed Nails for Wedding

Pointed nail designs are also in trend these days. You could also choose pointed wedding nails for your wedding day. Here are some nail art patterns for brides with acrylic pointed nails for brides decorated with beads and stones. Hope they will make your hands looking more stylish on your big day.

Pointed wedding nail art ideas

Acrylic pointed wedding nails


Well these were some trendy wedding nail art designs for brides. Soon I will come up again with some more Indian wedding nail art designs.



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